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About Niiidental Studio

After working as an associate for four years, Dr. Ben Kim made the decision to open his own practice to showcase his brand and skills in a friendly and welcoming environment. In his words—a chill place to be. Growing up in the area, he knows how family-oriented it is and how hard the people work.

Located in the Eldorado Heights neighborhood, the area is safe and friendly, and pleasant to drive around. The whole area is filled with businesses, so it might seem a little hectic at times, but the vibe is a good one.

Not Your Average Practice

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of dental care. Dr. Kim’s goal is to create a fun, easygoing atmosphere, while remaining professional, so people want to come here for their dental needs. He’s all about relationships, and wants patients to be relaxed and comfortable enough to greet him with, “Hey Bin, good to see you.”

Dr. Kim is on a mission to change the image of dental care as stoic, robotic, and way too serious. He wants people to enjoy coming to our clinic. We have a cool neon sign in our waiting area with our brand, “Say Nii”, and don’t be surprised to hear a joke from Dr. Kim.

Raised in the U.S., but proud of his Korean heritage, Dr. Kim wants his clinic to reflect this with Korean art and maybe even playing some Korean shows on the TV.

Services We Offer

At Niiidental Studio, we want to be your destination for complete dental care. Some of the services we offer include:

Not Scary at All!

At our clinic, you don’t have to be afraid of the dentist. We make your appointment easy and fun, with results you can be proud of. Call today to book!

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